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Mississippi is only accepting First Report of Injury - FROI's via EDI

Mississippi is accepting the following FROI MTC codes: MTC 00, MTC 01, MTC 02, MTC 04, MTC CO

Mississippi uses the IAIABC EDI Implementation Guide for Claims - First, Subsequent, Header, Trailer, & Acknowledgment Detail Records Release 3.0 guide. We recommend that trading partners interested in submitting claims via EDI should first order a copy of the IAIABC Implementation Guide Release 3.0, and along with their IT staff begin reviewing the guide in order to become familiar with the guidelines and layouts.

The EDI Implementation guide can be purchased from IAIABC for a fee of $195 for non-EDI members.

MS Electronic Data Interchange Claims Release 3 Service Providers

The following table contains links to known service providers offering a IAIABC Claims EDI Release 3 related product and/or service for submitting claims data electronically to the Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission. This table listing will be updated as more vendors become known.

**This listing is in alphabetical order and does not represent an endorsement by the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission of any service provider listed, or a recommendation of one service provider over another. MWCC does not warrant or represent that this information is current complete and accurate. MWCC assumes no responsibility for any errors in the information provided, nor assumes any liability for any damages incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this Web site, and shall be held harmless against all claims, suits, judgments and/or damages resulting from the disclosure of any of this information, including all costs and fees.

** If you are an EDI service provider and would like to have your company added or removed, please contact:

Company Name Contact Name Contact Email Address Contact Phone Number
CS Stars Jeremy King 806.282.6624
EBIX Inc. Shayne Garner 801.208.5493
HealthTech Mark Hughes 913.764.9347
Mitchell Workers Compensation Solutions(WCS)(formerly Ingenix-ROES) Kyle Devereaux 858.368.7593
ISO wcPrism Larry Travaglia 201.469.2337

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