Although the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission applauds the efforts of the Mississippi Bar Foundation and the Administrative Law and Workers' Compensation Section of the Mississippi Bar for establishing the scholarship fund, the fund is not affiliated with the Commission. The information contained herein is simply provided as a service to the children of injured workers within the State, the attorneys who practice before the Commission and the Mississippi Bar Foundation. As no staff member of the Commission is directly associated with the Kids' Chance scholarship fund, no contact regarding the scholarship should be directed to the Commission. All questions regarding the scholarship, if not answered below, should be directed to the Mississippi Bar Foundation, whose address is contained herein.

What is Kids' Chance?

Kids’ Chance of Mississippi is a scholarship fund established by the Mississippi Bar Foundation under the Administrative Law and Workers’ Compensation Section of the Mississippi Bar to provide scholarships for children who have had a parent killed or permanently and totally disabled on the job. Kids’ Chance of Mississippi provides scholarships for students to attend vocational/technical school or college. The fund brings together all those involved in workers’ compensation issues: the legal, medical and business communities.

Who is eligible for Kids' Chance of Mississippi Scholarships?

Mississippi residents between the ages of 17 and 23 who have had a parent killed or permanently and totally disabled in an accident that is compensable under the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act may apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is good for one year, but recipients may apply each year of school as long as they make satisfactory academic progress. In addition, applicants must demonstrate substantial financial need.

Scholarship Selection

The Kids’ Chance of Mississippi Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and recommends recipients to the foundation’s board of trustees. The committee is made up of representatives from the legal community, the medical profession, insurance companies and insured employers. Through the caring contributions of various members of the community, Kids’ Chance of Mississippi is able to give young people a chance to further their education.


The time period for submitting completed applications and all supporting documents with respect to scholarships for each year runs until May 1 of each year. Applications and supporting information will not be accepted after the May 1 deadline. Scholarships will be awarded in late June of each year and announced soon thereafter. The amount of each Kids’ Chance of Mississippi Scholarship awarded is decided by the Scholarship Committee; the amount of the scholarship(s) awarded is undetermined at this time. The application and required documents should be sent to: Administrative Law and Workers’ Compensation Section, Mississippi Bar Foundation, Post Office Box 2168, Jackson, Mississippi, 39225-2168.


As there is a large number of potentially eligible applicants, funds to establish and continue the scholarships are always needed. Any donation to the fund is tax deductible under Section 170 (c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you wish to donate, please send your check made payable to the Mississippi Bar Foundation to: H. Byron Carter, III, Carter Law Firm, P.A., Post Office Box 720636, Jackson, Mississippi, 39272-0636.

Kids' Chance Scholarship Application (in Adobe format)


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