Major Divisions of the Commission

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Administrative Judges

Robert R. Arnold
Homer Best
Melba Dixon
Tammy Green Harthcock
Deneise Lott
Virginia Mounger
Linda Thompson
Cindy Wilson


Adie Thompson

Business Manager

Inez Hankins

Claims Department Supervisor

Sheila Cheatham


Chairman: Liles Williams
Commissioner: Beth Harkins Aldridge
Commissioner: Thomas A. Webb

Commission Secretary

Joyce Wells

Docket Room

Docket Administrator

Teresa Scallorn

Legal Assistants

Lakeshae Gordon
Helen Johnson
Shirley Williams
Faye Sloan-Black

Executive Director

Ray C. Minor

Front Desk

Marilyn Yelverton

Information Systems

Dorothy Irving, Information Systems Manager
Matt Torres, Lead System Administrator

Insurance Management

Julia Kraft
Preston Williams, Self-Insurance Manager

Legal Division

Claims Representative

Miranda Baker

Staff Attorneys

James Rankin
Alan Goodman
Megan Garrott

Medical Cost Containment

Connie Mills

Pre-Hearing Supervisor

Paula Mobley


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