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Effective after January 18, 2008, ALL imaged document types will be available for viewing and printing online in all claims. Online access, however, will be available only to registered users who are also parties of record for the specific claim being accessed. If your registration information does not match the party information we have on file for the claim documents you are trying to view, your request for access will be rejected. If you think this is an error, you will have the opportunity to review your registration information at the First Report of Injury login page. Please note, you will be liable for any use of this service, or any use of information available through this web site, for purposes which are inconsistent with the Law or Rules of the Commission. If you are a party of record who wishes to view imaged documents on pertinent claims, update your registration (Here).

NOTE: A more detailed review of registration information is required for the viewing and printing of imaged documents. If you have registered, have received your registration number, and are a party of record to claims you must update yourregistration information before you can be approved for access to documents. You may do so by clicking the link above.

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